19.4.2016 New font ZX D-Text2 and fix of font "ZX D-Text" from D-Text
7.4.2016 New font ZX D-Text from D-Text for Chip
31.1.2016 New TTF fonts ZX Fonteditor 01,02,04,07,08,15 from Fonteditor
15.1.2016 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop Upcasebold and ZX Desktop Wild West from Desktop
9.1.2016 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop Nether Earth and ZX Desktop Roman from Desktop
6.1.2016 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop Hijack and ZX Desktop Italika and correction width of quotes in fonts Big Bold, Crash, Neverend, Moon Alert, Tomahawk, Extra, Total Eclipse and Standard from Desktop
2.1.2016 New TTF font ZX Desktop Crash and correction of letters with circumflex in fonts Cobra Bold, Big Bold, Midnight, Neverend, Moon Alert, Tomahawk and Extra from Desktop
30.12.2015 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop Total Eclipse and Big Bold from Desktop
28.12.2015 New TTF font ZX Desktop Neverend (Neverending story) and small correction of font Midnight from Desktop
26.12.2015 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop Moon Alert and Tomahawk from Desktop
19.12.2015 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop D.O.C. and Extra from Desktop
11.12.2015 New TTF fonts ZX Desktop Midnight (Lords of Midnight) and Standard from Desktop
22.7.2015 Electronic version of manual German for selflearners is finished
26.4.2012 Electronic version of Desktop manual is finished
3.4.2012 Mijk Bee checks and improves my Desktop fonts and then sends me OTF versions. Now you can download it here
27.3.2012 New TTF font ZX Desktop Script from Desktop
4.3.2012 New TTF font ZX Desktop Script2 from Desktop
21.2.2012 New TTF font ZX Desktop Ladybird from Desktop
4.2.2012 New TTF font ZX Desktop Cobrabold from Desktop
30.1.2012 Nové fonty ZX Desktop Normal a ZX Desktop Winter z Desktopu. Pretože počet fontov stále rastie trocha som ich zreorganizoval
26.1.2012 New TTF fonts with diacritics ZX Fonteditor 11 and 14 from Fonteditor
21.1.2012 New TTF font ZX Desktop Ultrabold from Desktop
15.1.2012 Some time I work on Desktop manual so this is the reason why I make new Desktop fonts so often :)
6.1.2012 New TTF font ZX Desktop Just6 from Desktop
14.12.2011 New TTF font "Fonteditor 10" from Fonteditor
9.12.2011 New TTF font "Fonteditor 14" from Fonteditor
1.12.2011 New TTF font "Fonteditor 11" from Fonteditor (origianly from game The Untouchables)
12.11.2011 Electronic version of book ZX ROM II Notes is finished
8.11.2011 This pages are now Facebook and G+ friendly so you can make like or give plus :)
14.7.2011 I finished OCR of ZX ROM II Notes which Petr Slánsky sent to me year ago. Now I start to compose e-book. Meanwhile I created page for it
25.6.2011 I finished PDF of book Maze of computer games and Mr. Filip Blažek agreed with publication in this form
5.1.2011 While working on an index of book ZX ROM Listing I found about 150 mistypes and error which I missed in OCR checking and author missed some too. In most cases it was minor mistypes but there was mistakes in labels. Therefore I created a new version of book ZX ROM Listing
30.11.2010 Finally I finished Index of ZX ROM Complete Disassemlby in czech language
9.3.2010 I finished OCR of book Maze of computer games and I send text to mr. Filip Blažek which makes PDF file
22.2.2010 I change names of html files to be more readable for web crawlers. Please check your links if you link my pages
30.12.2008 Book ZX ROM by Daniel Jenne is formated and ready for download
14.11.2008 Formatting book ZX ROM is finished, now I just have to create PDF
11.3.2008 Opravil som chyby vo fontoch, na ktoré ma upozornil Cygnus. S pomocou programu Fontforge som identifikoval a odstránil chyby v orientácii čiar, kódovaní Unicode, menách glyfov a optimalizoval ich kombinovaním glyfov. Vygenerovaním fontov vo Fontforge som zároveň odstránil problém písmen č,ř,ě,ů, ktoré vo MS Worde menili font na defaultný
25.12.2007 I succeed to finish user guide for ZX Spectrum+ in czech language
9.7.2008 Formatting book ZX ROM continues on page 190
18.12.2007 I add short manual how to execute dictionary
16.11.2007 Work on electronic version of ZX Spectrum+ user guide move towards the end so I create separate page for it
13.08.2007 I translate manual for Orfeus the music assembler to english
21.02.2007 I add another manuals: Hisoft Pascal, Laser basic and Mega basic
19.02.2007 I create page for text manuals and add here new manuals for Blast and Pro-DOS.
16.02.2007 I correct some formatting in book Assembler & ZX Spectrum 1 - aligning four lines and mainly emphasizing few unemphasized registers.
19.01.2007 I added galery of loading screens which I once created.
13.01.2007 One more font for Factor 6 now from game Firefly
12.01.2007 I create font from game Alien 8 for Factor 6
01.01.2007 I added next manual's USER 1 font named "Fonteditor 05"
25.12.2006 I added next manual's USER 1 font named "Fonteditor 03"
22.12.2006 Manusl USER 1 finished
30.11.2006 I added new font called "Fonteditor 12" which I need for manual User I
22.11.2006 I continue working on manual User I. Main text is completed, but there are 3 pages of advertising and juridic text, I must create 3 fonts for this pages :-)
13.11.2006 I finished manual for Beta Basic 3.0
30.09.2006 I added new font called Fonteditor 13 which I need for manual User I
25.08.2006 I end up font Belegost 1 in LQ quality
07.08.2006 I finished User manual for programs Ultra LX/LQ
03.08.2006 Ing. Daniel Jenne allow public distribution of electronic version of book The complete ZX ROM disassembly
23.07.2006 Formatting book ZX ROM stops on page 76. Waiting for next pages from Lukáš I spend time formatting Ultra LX/LQ manual
11.06.2006 Works on book ZX ROM goes on: I prepare font and template yet, Lukáš Macura carry on with OCR
23.04.2006 Index of Fuka's Games published by Ultrasoft is complete and ready for download now
21.04.2006 I am not sleeping in bed of roses, I am ending up Index of Fuka's Games published by Ultrasoft and together with Lukáš Macura we start convert book ZX ROM from Daniel Jenne
28.12.2005 Index of Fuka's Games - revision 2 games from picture at page 27 of volume 1 added
07.12.2005 For better orientation I made index for both volumes
09.11.2005 I finished second volume of e-book Fuka's Games
03.10.2005 I translate document pages to english: Assembler & ZX Spectrum 1,2, Orfeus and Computer games 1, book Games 2 project status (34 from 35)
04.09.2005 I finished e-book Fuka's Games published by Ultrasoft and correct little error in Fuka's Games volume 1
19.08.2005 download new version of Computer games volume 1 from Fuka (correct misstypes, e-version info page added), book Games 2 project status (31 from 35), book Games (Ultrasoft) project status 50%
02.03.2005 new project User I with manuals Devastace, Wlezley7 added to documents, continue work on project book Games 2 (status 16 from 35)
16.02.2005 you can look at history of this site by the key edit
15.02.2005 thanks to Dušan Culka you can read in english without damage
13.02.2005 I finish translation page "About me" and grab some images for book Games 2, status 8 from 35
10.02.2005 start build pages in english
04.02.2005 added scrolling news
28.01.2005 you can download PDF cover of František Fuka's book Computer games published by Ultrasoft
27.01.2005 watching this pages for statistics
26.01.2005 some bits "About me" and my hobbies was added
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