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2006, (Czech)

I never had USER I program pack. But I use program DEVASTACE from this pack until today (monitor and disassembler) like ultimate programmer's tool. I get information about it by using program CRACKSHOT as it's part. Copiers GARGANTUA and PANTAGRUEL force TF COPY+ which I used before. I never used program WLEZLEY 7 because I had program GRAMON with the same functions (which I wrote from magazine FIFO) by MS-CID. Programs DAVID and GOLIATH I never tried. :ô(
I started write electronic version of this manual because of keeping original look created in program DESKTOP. There are used all four standard Desktop fonts (Cobra, Academy, Belegost 2, Sinclair). I had prepared this fonts with font "Fonteditor 09" because I created it for electronic version of book Assembler & ZX Spectrum volume 1. Except this fonts there are another four title fonts from program FONTEDITOR: "Fonteditor 03", "05", "12", "13" which I had to create and you can download them here. Thanks to Lukáš Macura which prepared manual for DEVASTACE, I hadn't to perform OCR of this part. There remained only 11 pages for OCR, draw or find necessary pictures. Thanks to Cygnus and Tritol for helping me with searching of pictures. They identified sprite from Action Force II and screen from Checkquered flag (I succeeded to identify screen with text from Athena). At last I have to thanks to Sweet alias Luďek Sladký for cooperation a scans

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