Bludiště počítačových her

Maze of computer games

2010, (Czech)

I can't remember reason of buying this book. I was inspired by this book to find some games although this book is not about games for ZX Spectrum but for Commodore C64. When I decide to convert this book I have been started to search contact to author. Unfortunately I found that Bohslav Blažek is dead. After some weeks of research I found that Filip (son mentioned in book) is well known czech typograph Filip Blažek. So I wrote to him and happily found that he is really author's son. After consultation with other family members he allow publishing in electronic form. He also decided to create PDF. Due to lack of time he abandon his task. He has been managed to create font used in this book which I slightly shape. Screenshots from games I made in emulator and with little help of graphic editor. The hardest work was screenshot in game Test Drive. (I never drive so much miles in Ferrari :). I tried reconstruct other illustrations with pictures used by author from program Printfox. Unfortunately I founded no picture which I can use. So I drew all pictures manually in graphic editor Paint for Windows according to scanned book.

I thanks to Factor 6 for informations which helps me found direction in world of Commodore C64 and Sillicon for scanned version of book.

This book is distributed with copyright owner's knowledge.

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