ZX ROM Complete Disassembly

2006, (Czech)

This book is basic equipment for anybody who wants to write programs in assembler on ZX Spectrum. So I got one however I don't remember when and where I bought it. Definitely it takes part in list of book assigned for conversion to electronic form. Initially I don't think about scan and doing OCR. There are many disassembly of ZX ROM on internet so I think that I make up some of existing one. But Lukáš Macura which collaborate with me on both volumes of book "Assembler and ZX Spectrum" spoke to me. De Vandemar which have not experience with OCR decided to convert this book to electronic form contact him. Lukáš takes it to his own hands and starts do OCR. I prepare cover at the time. Unfortunately De Vandemar has not time for this work. Finally Lukáš hasn't enough time too. So I continued OCR and after two years there is result. I tried hard to preserve similarity to original book, finally we modified some texts because original book contains not only mistypes and different formating but incorrect translations too. All modified texts except mistypes and formating are higlighted and commented.


This book is distributed with author's knowledge.

I found useful to have index of this book. I created sophisticated program in java for this purpose. But unfortunately typing control data takes many more time than creating program. Here is the result: Index of ZX ROM Complete Disassemlby in czech language. In so doing I found about 150 mistypes and errors which I missed in OCR checking and author missed some too. In most cases it was minor mistypes but there was mistakes in labels. Therefore I created a new version.

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