Orfeus the music assembler

Orfeus the music assembler

2004, (Czech, English)

Orfeus was brilliant music program for Spectrum 48k beeper. In time of its creation left WHAM! and other music editors far behind. Me and my friends in Sinclair club liked it so much that we put money together and we bought one original tape. The tape lost in time but manual remains. Stronger by hard work on e-book Assembler & ZX Spectrum volume 1 I started convert this little booklet. Most of time I spent by creating fonts again. By the way this fonts was little bit different from original Desktop fonts (mostly font Locomotion). There wasn't need to scan and OCR because I wrote this manual to computer some time ago. Surprisingly I translated text to slovak language so I had to retranslate it to czech language.

Download czech

Rob Pearmain asked me for help with Orfeus. I translate this manual to english language for him.

Download english

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