Počítačové hry 1.diel

Computer games volume 1

2004/2005, (Czech)
First volume of fabulous czech book from famous czech musician and programmer František Fuka about games for ZX Spectrum.

Computer games was for me relaxation, fun, motivation and inspiration. I took it very serious in my adolescence. The guide in this mysterious world of computer games was František Fuka and his book "Computer games history and today". I got it by mystake. It was by mistake of distributor or post. But it change nothing on fact that one day came pack with both wolumes of this book at address of my friend Roman Pažitný. We red it by whole pages and looked for new titles. But beautiful days ended up when consigner found out his mistake and requested to pay or give back book. We was poor students of grammar school and we hadn't enough money so we packed the book and sent it back. But first we made a copy. I still have copy of first volume and I still like read it again and again.

Therefore when Wixet (Jan Werner) announced his intention to convert this book to PDF I joined him with enthusiasm. Foremost I grab screens from games used in book for him. It meant play each of 45 games which picture is in the book, find location and save screen in the same moment like book's author. It was really hard in some cases and I had to use Art studio. Head over heels was hardest I think because I had to go through almost whole planet till I attained right location. Wixet's endeavour thwarted by bad computer elf which destroy data on his disk. He didn't found energy to start again. He sent me text and gave over virtual relay to me. At the end of year 2004 I finished composition and sent PDF to Wixet for error correction. In january 2005 I corrected last errors and I added Wixet's ideas.

I made two versions of PDF. One version without diacritics in menu and information for Linux user. Second version with full diacritics (revsion 2) because I couldn't give up when it works in Windows.

This book is distributed with author's knowledge.

For better orientation I made index for both volumes.

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