2012, (Czech)

Desktop best text editor for ZX Spectrum which allow combine text with graphics. I used text editor Textmachine for a while but when I started to use Desktop I left it (D-Text and Tasword too) and all texts written for this programs I converted to Desktop. All new texts I wrote in it (including one school project). I programmed Convertor 2 to edit texts downloaded from internet. Di-vision can save pictures in Desktop format too.

As in the case of Orfeus manual I wrote it in Desktop some time ago. I translated it to slovak of course, so I had to retranslate it to czech language. I found that original manual which I had is not the same as scanned one downloaded from internet. It is new "issue" so I had to add some part of text. Fonts are biggest challenge because author used all fonts which exist for Desktop at the time. Some fonts was modified. For example font ZX Fonteditor 11 had "U" horizontaly flipped. Font similar to ZX Desktop Normal was used with modified letters "A","w","y" but in LQ resolution. I didn't create all fonts used in this manual. Some fonts used only as sample I replaced by pictures.


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