ZX ROM Complete Disassembly Notes

2011, (Czech)

I never have the book ZX ROM II Notes. I even never hold it in my hands. I heard about it thanks to my curiosity. When I finished e-book ZX ROM I wonder which another books was published by Zenitcentrum. After book ZX ROM with serial number 08 follow this book with serial number 09. But this is not enought to make e-book. So I am grateful to Petr Slánsky which likes my e-book ZX ROM so much that he took pictures of his ZX ROM II and sent them to me. Pictures lay all year on disc and wait when I'll finish e-book Maze of computer games.
There was known problem with font again. Book was typed with different font from it's predecessor. Main clue gave to me one from authors - Daniel Jenne. Book was typed by IBM electric typewriter with daisy wheel. After exploring materials about IBM Selectric typewriter I decided that type Report was used with the highest probability. I found TTF of this type on the internet but I has to supplement some glyphs, for example arrow (power) or "hourglass" used as identifier of hexadecimal number. Author of this font is Johan Winge. I have to thank to him for cooperation. Unfortunately MS Word couldn't deal with this font and ended pages untimely "without reason", so it wasn't possible fit to page necessary number of lines. Open Office 3.2 hasn't this problem so I formed whole document in it. This book become my first document created (without cover) in Linux (Ubuntu 9) with help of Font Forge and Open Office. I added some comments which was written at scanned pages and seemed to me helpful.


This book is distributed with author's knowledge.

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