Walkman demo loading screen

Walkman demo



As I wrote in demo Wall I started drain bottomless well of internet which I drilled by D80 discdrive, EI manager and my program ST-linker. My friend Jumbo - Atari ST user gave to me many graphics which I wanted to use in demos and programs. It was worse with music because there well dried. So I asked my friend Shuriken for cooperation. He composed for AY song Love sees no color from U-92. Then I adapted demo som to music so you can feel free to call it "Love sees no color demo" (chorus text show from videoclip, H.Q.Editsampler took it's part - so try press any key).
Friends added to project was more at the end so I released demo under mark Madhouse.

Space row
bottom border
Delta Back Back Stránka v slovenčine