Executing English-Slovak/Slovak-english dictionary

Attention for non-fan and non-user of ZX Spectrum. This dictionary is executable only on ZX Spectrum and compatible computer with D80/40 discdrive.
To execute dictionary on PC you have to use ZX Spectrum emulator Realspec (Author's website http://www.ramsoft.bbk.org/realspec.html doesn't exist anymore) with D80/40 emulation.
You also need D80 ROM file which have to be in emulator's directory (unzip downloaded file, file rom_mdos21*.bin rename to d80.rom and copy to emulator's directory).
After emulator start set (F3) Computer model to ZX Spectrum 48K (arrows up/down and enter) and peripherials (F3, tab) Disc I/F to D80/D40 (arrows left/right).
Select (F6) disc image of dictionary (sa.D80/as.D80). Reset ZX Spectrum in emulator (Alt+F2) and type RUN (R+Enter).
If you want to use dictionary on real ZX Spectrum with real D80/40 discdrive, use emulator Realspec in given configuration and in menu Alt-F6 save file to diskette (Write image file to real disk). Insert diskette into discdrive and type RUN (R+Enter) on Spectrum.