Game Aknadach appeared among the titles suitable for translation too. It looked very simple at first sight. Text wasn't encrypted and it could be edited directly in TZX file. But problem with length of texts appeared immediately. Length of text is limited to 8 characters. Fortunately most of objects didn't exceed this limit. Only "Horseshoe" didn't fit into this limit. I solved this problem by changing card to "Heart" because the picture of heart is on loading screen among other card's pictures. After I checked graphics in Gramon I found that graphics is stored in character mode but interleaved with attributes. First I created card in Art Studio and then wrote short program to store card in required format. So there was no problem to insert processed card at right place in the file. But problem with screen destrucion arise unexpectedly after showing "Racket" card. Finally I found that graphics is stored more complicated way. Author used little trick for printing space and saved 8 bytes for each space character. I applied compression and problem was solved. There was required to draw texts of progress bars stored as picture and edit addresses of some shifted parts of texts in menu.

Space row
bottom border
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